Aligners vs. Braces

Braces are something that has been dreaded by most people since they started going to the dentist when they were young. While most people want to have nice, straight teeth, they do not want to endure years of braces and irritation to have them. Traditional braces, which are typically a metal frame and metal brackets that go on the outside of the teeth are what most people choose when having to get their teeth corrected.

Close up of young woman holding clear aligner and braces demoWith advancements in the orthodontic field, traditional braces are not made with the same bulky materials they used to be made with. The traditional braces option now includes sleeker frames and brackets that are less likely to irritate. Our trained orthodontic staff here at New England Orthodontic Specialists can give you a consultation to find out more information and to be fitted for traditional braces.

What to Expect from Traditional Braces

While as uncomfortable as traditional braces, or metal braces sound, the technology and different things used to prevent irritation make them a comfortable option. The process begins by our orthodontist taking a mold of your mouth so that you can understand how to set up your traditional braces. After that, you will usually come back for another visit where they will begin the process of actually putting the braces on your teeth.

This process will typically take one to two hours to complete, and then we will go over how to properly care for your new braces. After that you will experience mild pain and gum irritation for a few days, then you will begin to be used to it. Most people will have braces on for six months to several years to correct whatever teeth and jaw problem they might have. While the length of time wearing them is long, and they can be costly, correcting your teeth is about more than looks. It can create better oral health and can raise self-confidence in any person struggling with their smile.

How are Traditional Braces Removed

The removal of any kind of braces, especially traditional metal frame braces, is not always the easiest task. Care and precautions must be taken when removing braces, so the teeth do not get damaged. The bond between the brackets and the teeth is so strong that it allows the teeth to shift into the correct alignment. Usually what holds the brackets to the teeth is strong adhesive or glue.

To remove the bracket, it is squeezed at the base and essentially pops off, leaving the glue still on the teeth. After this, our orthodontists will remove the glue from the teeth and complete the removal process. This is the preferred method of our orthodontists because it ensures that the enamel is still intact with the tooth. Often a permanent retainer is put behind the teeth which helps keep the teeth from shifting back into its original position. You would not want your teeth shifting after months of wearing braces to have the smile you have been waiting for.

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