One of the latest orthodontic treatments used to correct many types of malocclusions is Invisalign. Made similarly to a retainer or mouthguard, Invisalign clear aligners can be customized to treat people who seek an alternative to braces. Invisalign does not have a set cost because treatment length is unique to each person. Unlike many plastics, Invisalign is BPA free, essentially making them safe for us to use in our mouths.

Here at New England Orthodontic Specialists, our professional dental and orthodontic staff can answer any questions you may have about using Invisalign.

Invisalign: How does it work and what are the benefits?

Invisalign is a clear, plastic aligner system that is custom made for your teeth. An intraoral scan of your mouth is taken by the orthodontist and then sent with the doctor’s prescription to an Invisalign technician to process the scan and fabricate the aligners. The doctor designs your Invisalign treatment to ensure you get the smile you desire.

As already stated, Invisalign aligners are BPA free and they are BPS, latex, and gluten-free. You can rest assured that the system is safe for you and your family as it has been approved by food and drug administration (FDA). This means that if you are interested in Invisalign clear aligners and face any common allergy, you do not need to worry since they are almost hypoallergic. They are made out of a new plastic material called SmartTrack, created specifically by Invisalign. This plastic is flexible yet sturdy enough to align your teeth and bite.

Invisalign is designed to fit so closely to your teeth that they are almost invisible by just looking at someone, hence the name Invisalign. All tooth movement requires gentle constant force so your Invisalign aligners must be worn 22 hours per day to attain a successful result. One of the greatest benefits of the Invisalign system is that the aligners are removed for meals so there are no foods to avoid. Another great benefit is that the aligners are removed to brush and floss your teeth making home care easier.

What is the cost?

The cost of Invisalign is very similar to that of braces but will vary from person to person. Our doctors will assess your specific needs and review all options with you as well as give you an estimate on treatment length.

If you have dental insurance that includes an orthodontic benefit for you or a family member, that amount can usually be used towards the cost of orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign system. With or without insurance, New England Orthodontic Specialists offers payment plans that are personalized to your budget so you can have a perfect smile.

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